Apo Asteri Se Asteri
Cobalt Music

One of my favorite projects so far, "Apo Asteri se Asteri" brings a modern vibe to good old fairy tales, and tries to encourage hope and dreams.

As said by blog site fthis.gr, "The music video for Apo Asteri Se Asteri based on an idea by Michalis Papanikolaou, directed by Yiannis Papadakos and animated by Thomas Doukinitsas, borrows aesthetics from fairy tales and from children's imagination to illustrate Panos Kiamos's new single ... starting a promising initiative for the Make-A-Wish foundation"

From the start this project was going to be a challenge, as the entire music video was made in roughly two weeks. Everything that appeared in the music video had to be hand drawn in Adobe Illustrator using a wacom tablet.

Other than the two main hero characters, everything else is the music video was generated as an asset to be used and positioned in 2.5D space.

All of these assets had to be then hand animated using After Effects, a process that had to also go through allot of stages of review and refinement.

Client: Cobalt Music

Directed by: Yiannis Papadakos

Illustrated and Animated by: Thomas Doukinitsas

Music Video
Motion Graphics