Elections 2023 Studio Design
BBC News

Another really cool project I got to work on was designing all of the #studio #graphics for this year's local elections coverage for BBC News.

This included the background LED walls which emulated a busy election centre, and all of the data driven graphics on the screens, which were built on previous election layouts and updated to work for Studio B's new tower and catwalk screens.

We also aligned with the online team, matching some of our design choices with elements that they had created for the website.

Massive shout out to Max Blaber, Héctor Manteca, Seán Óg Cafferkey and the entire team at Idonix who took my designs and brought them to life by developing them in to the final html dataviz graphics which live updated based on the results.

Also big thanks to Nick Davey, Eian Macmeeking and Sue Vágó for giving me the chance to work on this, and to Chris Cook and Sam Woodhouse for steering the designs and presenting them in the best way possible :) Really really enjoyed it!

And massive thanks the the whole team who worked on the programme!

Graphic Design
Motion Graphics