Saly Esteban - Candela
Flow Latino Records

Creating a fantasy setting for colombian pop singer Saly Esteban was a fun challenge, and included creating 96 virtual set shots, transforming shots filmed entirely on a greenscreen stage in to a surreal flame filled world. This was also really fun as it was my first chance to direct a music video remotely, as due to the covid pandemic travelling internationally wasn't an option at the time.


Directed by: Thomas Doukinitsas
Director of Photography: Alex Megas
Hair & Makeup: Aliki Theodoridou
Dancers: Steven Esteban, Sandie
Post Production - VFX: Thomas Doukinitsas
Music: Mark F. Angelo
Lyrics: Saly Esteban
Backing Vocals: Sandie
Produced by: Mark F. Angelo
Executive Producer: Gunter Bostelmann