ENA Channel Re-Brand
ENA Channel

ENA Channel, a regional TV channel based in Kavala wanted to re-fresh their brand and attract younger and more diverse audiences, as this was a strategic step to allow for a bigger variety of shows to be produced in-house.

A study we conducted together with the in-house team found that the brand identity over the years was confusing and not consistent. In 2016 the re-brand efforts started with making a few modifications to the main logo and adding the idea of "messengers", a speech bubble that worked with the logo and could carry information.

Continuing on in 2017, the entire brand was re-freshed with a new colour palette, clear brand guidelines, motion graphics templates and on air packaging, idents and a new people-centric philosophy. All of these were also transferred to all digital platforms such as social media, online videos and even radio.

This new brand package ended up being extremely successful, opening the door to some of ENA Channel's most successful productions, an ended winning Silver Design Award at the Regional Media Awards 2017 for "Rebranding ENA Channel's TV Identity"

Motion Graphics
Graphic Design