Historical Journeys: Red Stone
Cosmote History

Created as a VideoTex Productions / Cosmote Hitstory co-production, "Historical Journeys: Red Stone" (Ιστορικές Διαδρομές: Λημνια Γή) is a documentary in which historian Thanasis Dialektopoulos guides the viewer through the history of a not so well known natural substance, with therapeutic properties, used from the ancient greeks, through history, and still being used this date in modern cosmetics.

The documentary features images from the island of Lemnos, Greece, detailed explorations, informative interviews with experts and locals, and re-enactment scenes from tales of how the substance was mined with greek slaves during the turkish occupancy of the island.

The documentary was achieved with the contributions of the Lemnos council, the local municipality of "Repanidi", experts of the scientific community, local associations, and ended up creating a high standard production using the latest in 4K cinema cameras, which impressed audiences during the official premiere, and will entertain and inform T.V. audiences on the "Cosmote History" channel, part of one of the largest subscription networks in Greece.

Presenter / Historical Researcher: Thanasis Dialektopoulos
Voice Over: Vivian Sofianou
Directed by: Thomas Doukinitsas
Shot by: Thomas Doukinitsas, Dimitris Hatzoglou
Drone shots by: Diogenis Charalambidis
Producer: George Kasdaglis
Executive Producer: Lefteris Koukoutinis
Production Assistants: Helen Papadopoulou, Nikoleta Vonikaki
Colourist / VFX / Titles: Thomas Doukinitsas
Motion Graphics: Thomas Doukinitsas, Lisander Qorri
Special Thanks: Dimitris Marinakis, Konstantinos Zafiriou, Spyros Paksimadas, George Mandranis, Christos Kakarnias, Konstantina Despoteri, Kostas Katenidis, Kostas Giarmadouros, Despina Vasiliadou
Sponsored by: Hellenic Seaways, Lemnos Village Resort, Skafidas Rental Cars, "Xrisafi" Traditional Lemnos Products
Production Company: VideoTex Productions
A "Cosmote History" co-production

Motion Graphics
Visual Effects