Oceangate Titan AR
BBC News

Another really cool project I was given the opportunity to work on for BBC News was a life-size #augmentedreality presentation of the Oceangate Titan submersible, all done in #unrealengine using #vizrt 's integration, to show the scale of it to viewers, and highlight key parts. This was used on both the Six O' Clock news and BBC Arabic.

This one was also kind of special as it was done #remotely! Editorial requested it to be loaded in to the studio in London, whilst we were in Wakefield, amazing what you can do nowadays with a good internet connection and #remoteproduction.

Big thanks to both Billy Hooke for directing and Mike Richards for engineering support, and everyone involved for helping us get it done within the time constraints! And massive thanks to Nick Davey for trusting me with this one and bringing the team together!

3D Generalist
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