In A New Homeland
ERT / Gullwing

100 years since the beginning of the tragedy and the Golgotha of approximately 1,500,000 Greek refugees living in Turkey from Asia Minor, Pontus, Eastern Thrace and Cappadocia. A series of events forced the Greeks to leave their ancestral lands and homes, uproot themselves and find a NEW HOMELAND.

Historical Documentary series. Services provided: Opening Titles, 3D Renders & Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics - Titles Sequence: Thomas Doukinitsas
Art Director - Producer: Pantelis Kasdaglis
Colourist: Lefteris Kasdaglis
Directed and Edited by: Dimitris Chatzimallis
Additional Motion Graphics: Samvel Melqumian
Production Company: Gullwing
Sound Design - Music: Social Productions - George Xoulogis
Client: ERT

Motion Graphics
Graphic Design