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Creating the Visual Effects for multi-platinum award winning British-Cypriot rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur A.M. Sniper's new single "Supreme" was a fun and creative challenge, with all sorts of fire and smoke effects, floating bandanas, set extensions, extensive clean up work, all of which helped set the tone for the - now over 1 million viewed - music video.

Working closely with director Sherif Francis and the client, the project took 2,5 months to complete, testing out and researching ideas, cleaning up the plates to give the studio shots an endless feel, adding some hidden vfx (bet you didn't notice that the stamp on the shirt was done in post) and working on fine-tuning each shot so that the Director and Client's vision was achieved. A censored version was also created with some clever vfx used instead of traditional blurs.

Music by: Ayo Beatz
Costume Designer: Markos Andriotis
Make Up & Hair: Pantelis Toutountzis
Grooming: Demetri Godbarber
Edited by: Sherif Francis
Production Designer: Marios Poulos
Director of Photography: Maximillian Papadopoulos
Art Director: Daphne Alberti
Visual Effects by: Thomas Doukinitsas
Co-Directed by: Eugine Zosimov
Diected by: Sherif Francis

Music Video
3D Generalist
Visual Effects